Monthly Subscription Box

Bow Tie / Male / Size: Small

£10 a month

The Charlie and Boo monthly subscription box is designed to treat your dog each month with the latest selection of Charlie and Boo pick and mix treats and a fabulous limited edition bow tie with the latest, season or fashion in mind.

You will receive a bow tie in the size you require each month.

The fabric will be totally exclusive to the ‘Charlie and Boo subscribers’ and we make the promise that any of the fabrics used in the subscription box will NEVER be available in our core range. So you will receive something totally exclusive to a limited number of dogs!

You will also receive a 160g pouch of the latest ‘Charlie and Boo pick and mix’ which will have a variety of chocolates and biscuits, each month will have at least one new variety to make sure your dogs get to try the very best selection of treats available.

Your subscription will arrive in a post box sized box, with the postage included in your subscription price. The contents will arrive beautifully packaged and presented.

Each month I am making the promise that 1 in every 10 boxes will have a randomly placed matching collar, to show our appreciation of your commitment to the ‘Charlie and Boo brand’.

At midnight on the 10th of each month will be the deadline for subscriptions for that month, the boxes will then be dispatched on the 12th of every month, if the 12th falls over the weekend they will then be dispatched on the Monday after.

Each month the highest care and attention to the selection of the products will be of the greatest commitment for us. Sometimes the products will be the same for both the boys and the girls and sometimes two different designs will be selected.


Information and questions

Our bows are made from 100% cotton designer fabrics which are first interfaced to strengthen before we make it into a beautiful bow. The bow slides onto the collar with a strong elastic.

Our Extra small and Small bows slide onto a 1.9cm wide collar.

Our Medium and large bows slide onto a 2.5cm wide collar.

The bow dimensions are :-
XS 9.5cm x 7.5cm
S 11cm x 8cm
M 14.5 x 10.5cm
L 16.5 x 12.5cm

Our Subscription Boxes are only available in the UK