I thought I would re introduce my brand to you all as I have had lots of new people discovering my business over the past few months and it’s really important to me that my customers and followers feel they know me as well as the inspiration behind what I do.

I started ‘Charlie and Boo’ nearly four years ago after a sudden urge whilst at a craft show to buy a sewing machine! I had never really sewn anything before and certainly not since I had been at school, I started with a few basic items but then it crossed my mind to make ‘Charlie and Boo’ a bandana and that they then say is history! The bandanas moved to collars, leads, and bow ties and then after all my fiends and family had ones I made them my business was born.

Charlie is a beautiful chocolate Labrador who will be 13 in February! who is definitely less trouble now than he was when he was younger! and Boo (Bruno) was a basset hound who we sadly lost 18 months ago.  They were/are brilliant models for my brand, Charlie is taking a back seat in his modelling now due to him retiring from public engagements.  Taking over the reins are Indie and Willow who are Spanish Water dogs, Indie is 2 and Willow 5 months, they are bundles of joy.

I am so proud of how far my business has come in this time and and have so many exciting plans for this year and beyond.  I am perfecting new products at the moment and am so excited to launch them, the website is as I type having a few changes made to it and I am planning the events that I will be attending this year.

Over the next two weeks I will be launching two brand new fabric designs both of which I am trilled with, as we start a new year I am laying down the plans for the year ahead and hopefully my business will continue to grow and have the support of the people around me now.

Thank you once agin for your continued support without each and every one of you I really would not be living my dream business life!