As September has made its arrival to us it really is a time my small business gets into gear thinking of what products will be launched for the last few (and super important) months of the year.  A time of year that will also make a difference well in to the first quarter of the next year for my business.

I have a very important note book that goes EVERYWHERE with me so if/when an idea pops into my mind I can write it down and make sure I don’t forget it.  This note book is filled with ideas, some that will make it onto my website in a few weeks, some that will have to wait as I need to research and product test them, and some that will never see the light of day! BUT it’s a note book that is forever being used.

Today (Friday 6th September at 6pm) it’s the turn of the ‘dog love’ tote bags to finally make it onto the website and as always I would never release a product that I am not super proud of and one I would certainly use myself (or on my dogs) a really great addition to a day out with your dogs or a shopping trip, but also a great gift for a fellow dog lover.

You will certainly see over the next few weeks many new products and designs being launched for Halloween, Christmas as well as the winter season.  Lots of gift ideas for your dogs but also for dog lovers as well.

The monthly subscription box  has been really popular and is growing steadily in numbers each month.  It offers the answer to your dogs fashion and treat needs in one perfect box and Septembers box is certainly no exception to the rule! each month your dog will receive a limited edition bow tie or bandana and a 160g pick and mix treat pouch AND one in every 10 boxes will have a matching collar randomly placed as a thank you for supporting my small business.

Thank you to each and ever one of you who supports mine and any other small business it really does mean the world to so many of us.

If you would like to visit the website please go to :-https://www.charlieandboo.co.uk