The time had arrived, I had been asked so many times that I really must step out of my comfort zone and design and make the two products that my customers were asking for ………………………… harnesses and poo bag holders!

Sometimes when you own a small business you spend so much time ‘in’ the business doing the everyday things like making and sending orders, paperwork, social media, that you forget to work on you business.  Well not so much forget, you don’t make it a priority!

So at the end of January when we had finished the madness of Christmas, the accounts had been done, and orders as they always do slow down for me to not only make new products BUT make the years plans for the business.

I set myself that task of getting these two new products made and perfected ready for everyone to see by the end of February! after searching the Internet LOTS to find the ‘spacer fabric’ needed for the back of the harnesses (which nearly drove me totally mad!) I finally found exactly what I was looking for, the patterns were designed and made.  It sometimes takes so long for the designs to be made and sized into XS,S,M and large and this can sometimes take as much time as finding the spacer fabric!!!! For some reason the poo bag holder design and making just totally fell into place within a couple of attempts (thankfully!)

I then purchased the five new fabrics to also launch the first collections of 2022, set to work making the samples of all the designs as well as all the polka dot fabrics as well. Once I have finally talked myself into the fact that if I want these to sell I am actually going to have to show people which for some reason although I am always so excited to show people I always am just hoping that everyone like them as much as me.  Maybe I should just trust myself a little bit more!

I am so please to say that the response was brilliant, I have loved watching the orders come it for both the products and after the first few have been received I can certainly feel like I have done a good job, I have listened to what you all wanted, I pushed myself until I was totally happy with the product and then I marketed them to the world!

Thank you to each and every one of you that are on my journey with me, who cheer me on, who give me feedback and obviously who make a purchase, I would not still be here in my studio if you were all not a part of it.