After waiting many years to try dog agility myself and Indie finally started training about 4 months ago, it really didn’t start well! the first session she did her first jump then she decided to run off and not come back for 45 mins!

After weeks of working with her on the lead (to prevent running off again!), we finally had another go without the lead, and she got it!

We have improved so much and have learnt so much but most of all we both love it. So when we were told of our in-club yearly competition we thought we can do this, then promptly though no I just can’t.

At the class, we all decided we are in the same boat and we all decided we should enter and support each other. Last Sunday morning I felt so sick waking up but the nerves really kicked in when we saw the first course! So many twists and turns but we had GOT to do it.

After three different courses and four runs each, it was presentation time, we only got three-second places I could literally have cried! so happy and proud but the best part that everyone who took part had cheered each other on and we really did have an amazing morning. What a brilliant team to be a part of. I’m not going to lie I absolutely loved my three very big pink huge rosettes as well.

The tunnels, the jumps, the dog walk and the ever twist and turn we did together and with my direction and Indies beautiful jumps we did our best it wasn’t perfect but it was blooming perfect for us!