We took Indie and Willow on a big road trip adventure over the Easter Holidays and to celebrate my Birthday and we had such an amazing time.  We borrowed my parents mobile home and off we set firstly up to Scotland and taking a couple of days to travel from Leicestershire and finally landed at our desired destination ‘The Isle of Skye’ the day before my birthday.

The scenery on the Isle of Skye is utterly breath taking, we had no plans for anything, no campsites booked, no where to be (apart from home on a set date) just plans to do lots of hiking and seeing where the days would take us.  This is definitely the way to explore and adventure, to chat to people along the way and take advantage of any recommendations that came our way.

Indie and Willow enjoyed not only some lovely walks but time with us, we are a team, they spend all of most days with myself and my husband works from home a lot so being somewhere we have not been before is always so much fun. Coral Beach was one of my highlights a beautiful beach which was a 30 minute walk from the carpark but it was certainly worth the walk.  Willow absolutely LOVES playing fetch with a tennis ball so a beautiful stretch of beach is perfect for this.

The ‘Fairy Pools’ were another highlight for me, we visited after a night on beach side campsite (which had amazing coffee!) and also had no phone or internet service so we had no other option but to read books and walk on the beach with the moon shining.  The Fairy Pools is a busy tourist spot BUT Indie and Willow loved walking in the water, and lots of people were wild swimming.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a towel so couldn’t have a go (luckily!)

The whole 10 days were amazing, we really needed to relax, have fun and enjoy a brand new part of the world for us.

I did do some work whilst I was away but it was lovely to let ideas come, go, some were written down, some were discredited straight away and some have gone onto the ‘possibly’ list.  BUT I love the time away for planning the year and beyond is something I really enjoy doing and we also have lots more adventures with the dogs in the planning stage.

I am really making a conscious effort in encouraging people to get out and about with their dogs more, to explore new places, re-visit places you have been before but generally spend time with our dogs.  So I have designed a FREE ‘Dog Adventure Planner’ it is a downloadable planner which you can fill in to have an ever lasting record of things you enjoyed with your dog.  If you would like your FREE copy visit  https://mailchi.mp/d5f636a6486a/dog-adventure-plan  and I would love to see where you and your dog enjoy exploring together.