It is so important to make sure while you are out and about with your dog they are safe and secure but also they are comfortable whilst exploring.  Some people prefer to use a collar and lead but lots more people are now preferring to use a harness and lead. These come in many designs and styles so when I was venturing into the harness market I made sure I did lots of research into which style to choose.

After lots of samples and testing many designs I chose the chest harness.  They offer and excellent size range, are super comfortable  and are excellent for all breeds of dogs.

When looking to purchase from the website  http://www.charlieandboo.co.uk   you will find an image which gives you all the details on how and where to measure your dog to get the correct size for your dog, you will need to take two measurements one around the neck and the other around the chest.  These are the two places that the harness is adjustable.

The harnesses are made from super soft neoprene fabric which is then lined with strong mesh fabric, the mesh is breathable to ensure your dog is comfortable in sunny weather. The entire chest panel is beautifully soft and is a dream for your dog to be wearing.

They also have an adjustable tri-glide at either side of the neck to get the perfect snug fit around the neck.  The adjustable strap and clasp around the chest which again makes not only a comfortable but secure fit for your dog. You should (as with dog collars) be able to run two fingers underneath each position of the harness to make sure it is not too tight.

As with all of our products they have the very best hardware to ensure the very best quality product.

ALL of the ‘Charlie and Boo’ products are machine washable so after a muddy walk you can just pop the harness in the washing machine on a cool wash and it comes back out looking as good as new!

Once you have chosen which size your dog will need all you need to do is choose the design!

We have eight utterly stunning designs for you to choose from offering stunning classic designs including stars, stripes, polka dots, florals, hearts and camouflage.  Each harness is part of a full matching collection which includes collars, leads, poo bag holders, bow ties and bandanas to make sure your dog is not only safe and secure whilst out walking they will look fantastic!