Learning to go with the flow ……………………….. it’s just not me!

I thrive on being super organised in my business (home life is slightly different!) and knowing what to do when is just how I work, so when a global pandemic hits its certainly a learning curve!

Ever since March last year when we were told, ‘stay at home’ I like most people thought it would be for a couple of weeks! ……………….. how wrong were we!!!!

To be honest I think for the first few weeks I was just in total shock and knew that I HAD to do everything I possibly could to just keep the business going, this involved moving my studio back home into our spare bedroom.  Not ideal but by no means a disaster.  Learning to work with more people at home other than the usual ‘just me’ was something we all had to be flexible with, can you imagine hearing a sewing machine going for at least 6 hours a day!

I plunged myself into podcasts, free on-line courses and gathering any information I could to ‘survive’ and survive we did!

Working through my orders that at one point totally dropped off a cliff (the few days before the first lockdown) was my focus.  The most scared I have ever been about my business was those few days before lockdown and until the furlough scheme was announced.  It’s been such an interesting time, time that I would definitely have preferred not to have gone through but now we are hopefully nearing some kind of a more normal life I thought I would reflect and think about what I have learnt ;-

I can be totally scared of things I can’t control, I can have a mad panic and its alright to do this, I can be flexible, I am more resilient than I thought I could be, I can homeschool and run a business (in a fashion!), I can feel happy that my business grew whilst going through a pandemic (I REALLY struggled with this one).  I suppose what I am trying to say is ……………. you will never know what is around the corner but you can learn to go with whatever life and business has to throw at you!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do what I do now, BUT I am, I’m a dreamer, a dreamer who doesn’t just dream, one who has a dream and won’t stop and relax until the dream is achieved.  I’ll enjoy the steps it takes to get to each and every stage and celebrate, life isn’t a rehearsal I’m not going to treat it like one!

Time to celebrate being me!