After five months I finally get around to formally introducing you to Indie!

Now let me explain the start of 2017 was one of the most traumatic I have ever had, for both personal and business reasons.  It makes you realise (when you finally come out the other side) that you only live once and it’s really important to make the very most of every day.  I have for what seems a lifetime wanted to do dog agility. Now we have Charlie who is although 10 years old still very active BUT has NO clue about how to listen and take commands from his owner.  Boo however being such a loyal dog who never leaves your side, well how can I put this  …………………… moves like a snail if he can be bothered to move at all!

I started on the tentative journey of what about three dogs?  and to cut a long story short with lots of breed research, it had to be one who would fit in with our family and Charlie and Boo.

We came across the been Spanish water dog.  Now we had never seen this breed before so off we trotted to crufts to do more research to meet the breed as well as watch the agility competitions. That was it decision made this was the breed for us.  Indie was born on 25th May and we collected her at weeks old.  We were so pleased with how the boys totally love her to bits and she just settled is straight away.  We have completed our ‘puppy training’ and have now moved onto the ‘bronze good citizen award’ as we get prepared to start agility when she is a little older as she needs to have her bones fully grown before we start.

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