This is our first ‘Charlie and Boo’ blog so it feels very fitting to start the first one telling you all about the inspiration of my business my two very special boys Charlie and Boo.

I will start with the Charlie, we had Charlie from a puppy, after loosing my Dogue De Bordeaux Oscar at the very young age of 2!

He was the challenge of all challenges eating his way slowly but surly through our very new house, nothing was to big or to small, washing machines, remote controls, kitchen cabinets, piles and piles of clothing, he just seemed to puppy for EVER!

Even now if anyone leaves an item of clothing (or especially a T-towel) lying around he very neatly removes the label for you and leaving only a very small holes in the article he has chosen to help with tag removal of!

Bruno (Boo) came to live with us about 5 years ago after a family were moving into  a smaller house and needed a home for my little chap, we took Charlie with us to meet him and that is where this amazing friendship started.  They are the best companions that we could have ever wished for and they are always right next to each other.

Having dogs all my life has made me the person I am,  but also my families as well.  We love taking them for walks together and not a day goes by when they make us smile.  Doggie cuddles and walks are just the very best part of any day, who else thinks this?

I could carry on for pages about my two handsome chaps but that’s it for this blog, I’ll be updating you every week with a small in site to my business and the adventures of my little fellas.  This week we have added a couple more very cool bandanas to our website https://www.charlieandboo.co.uk/

Please feel free to leave a comment and share this blog I would very much appreciate it x

Love Claire, Charlie and Boo x