I thought I would re-introduce the ‘Charlie and Boo Team’ as it’s has been a while since I introduced myself properly so I thought a blog post would give me the opportunity.  I will be doing a three part series of team introductions and starting with myself then moving on to Indie and Willow my two Spanish Water Dogs.

I’m Claire, a a mum of three children two of which have left home and the youngest is taking his GSCE’s this year! Myself, son, Indie and Willow live with my husband Elliott in a tiny rural village on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border, having moved from the village I grew up in for nearly 50 years after a mad moment in the pandemic when we decided to move and have a change of scenery.

I have always owned dogs and most of my friends and family would have not been surprised for me to eventually have a business or career with them at some point in my life, but for 25 years I had a very different job.  I was a fitness instructor!

A job I absolutely loved and did straight after leaving School at 16.  I taught so many people over those years in a massive variety of classes including my favourite ‘Body Attack’ and ‘Body Balance’ I think this is where I found the ability to talk to anyone (if you have met me you’ll know!) and I am definitely not afraid to show my face on social media!

After 25 years the effects of  ‘over-exercising’ started to take its toll on me (teaching 20+ classes a week for all those years was going to catch up on me eventually!) I was always in pain somewhere and after a stress fracture in my foot it made me think it was time to hang up my trainers and find my next career.  I purchased a sewing machine on a whim and very soon after ‘Charlie and Boo’ was created.

It’s been a HUGE roller coaster and I really have learnt so much not only about business but about myself (I am definitely not a quitter!) and I am pretty sure I will continue to do so as I take my small business to the level.  I have so much I want to achieve which is just so exciting and it also keeps me motivated!

One of my biggest dreams is to either rent a ‘pop-up shop’ for a summer season in a holiday town OR travel around Devon and Cornwall again for the summer season doing all the pop-up events, seeing places I have not yet visited, and obviously spending lots of time with Indie and Willow on the beach.  So just putting it out into the world if anyone has any contacts in a holiday town, or any ideas how I could make this dream a reality PLEASE get in touch!

Finally thank you for supporting my small business and please keep doing so ……………….. I have so much more I  NEED the achieve ❤️