The second part of of the ‘meet the team series’ is to meet Indie ❤️

Indie is an integral part of the team as she is forever on hand for a quick cuddle, she is often a source of inspiration and she never fails to cheer me up if and when I am having ‘one of those days’ and as a small business owner they are totally inevitable on a regular basis!

Indie is a Spanish Water Dog, and this year is going to be 7!

When we started to do some research on adding another dog to our family we still had our amazing Charlie a chocolate Labrador and Boo a basset hound, so another dog would really have to fit in well with the others in our team.  After so much research I found a breed I had not only not heard of before but I definitely didn’t think I had seen one before.  There is only so much research you can do on the internet and crufts was just around the corner and very close to where we live so off we went to go and meet one.

I was instantly in love, we asked so many questions and obviously I might have overstayed my welcome slightly having cuddles! and as we walked way we realised we were totally in love with the breed.

Indie came to live with us at 8 weeks old, and was instantly formed bonds with Charle, Boo and the whole family.  She is so funny, incredibly cuddly, she is so laid back it really is un-real! and is the poster girl of my brand.  I am extremely lucky that she (and Willow) are around me pretty much all day every day.  Her morning consists of ‘having a lie in’ on our bed until I shout up the stairs ‘are you coming to work’ which is followed by a sound thud on the floor and her ambling her way down the stairs.  Her day pretty much stays at this very relaxed level which is a wonderful vibe to be around.

Dogs are an integral part of my life and always will be, the love of a dog is a bond I will treasure for ever.