This weeks blog is all about Willow, she’s an integral part of the ‘Charlie and Boo Team’ as she’s the fun instigator, mischief maker, my shadow and she’s always ready for a photo shoot!

Willow is the same breed as Indie, a Spanish Water dog, Indie is actually her Auntie ❤️ this year she is going to be 4.

If you follow us on social media she is the one that is usually running ahead of Indie on walks, posing to perfection for photos at certain places on walks where I usually take a photo, she is super cleaver!

We bought her home in the October of 2019, she was doing really well in puppy classes and adored other dogs and people and was super social, then ………………………… covid hit! as we were all told to distance ourselves from other people when we were out, this lead to her over a period of time to become so scared of other dogs, people and most other things you encounter whilst out walking.

It was so hard for us all to cope with, her nervousness turned into barking at everyone and everything, and as the world slowly moved back to ‘normal’ she was terrified, it was heartbreaking.  It has taken us such a long time to re-train her, to encourage her to understand most people and other dogs are just out for a lovely walk as much as she is, I am so proud of her.

She has gone from being a nervous wreck to having a lovely swagger as she ventures out into the world.  She totally loves being out and about once again and as you can see she is super happy.  In the studio she is totally my shadow and now I have a dedicated area for photo shoots as soon as she sees me getting it ready she jumps into position and is just a super star.

Owning a dog always has it’s challenges and we are so very proud of how much work she has done to once again feel safe, we wouldn’t change her for the world!

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