This week has been so busy! Its definitely been a week where we have had to plan every single hour to make sure everything has been completed.

Both myself and husband work full time and as I can work from home (I am usually in my lovely studio) I am now in charge of home schooling our 12 year old son as well as running  ‘Charlie and Boo’

It’s always a busy time when a launch is also put into the week and Valentines is the first launch of a new year, so this has had to be a focus for me this week, the Valentines collection is now available on the website.

I absolutely love showing the new products throughout the days before a launch and hoping the fabrics that I have chosen are going to be loved by my customers as much as I love them (it always make me nervous!) and so far everyone has been so positive about them (phew!)

I have also added a couple of brand new products in as well which I have had some really lovely feedback about already, the ‘pom pom bow ties’ and the vinyl ‘be mine’ bandana.  I have had to learn a few extra skills to be able to make sure these are perfect and will fit into the current range.  I have to say I have loved learning how to use a heat press and well need I say more than I absolutely LOVE pom poms!

As we are now in lockdown number three walking with Indie and Willow every day has been something that has become so important to us all, getting out of the house and getting some very much needed fresh air and a change of scenery has been something that we all look forward to.

Indie and Willow have even got so used to getting in the shower when we get back I might be as bold as to say they are enjoying it!

Stay safe everyone and if you would like to browse the website here’s the link :-


Love Claire, Indie and Willow