Our annual santa run was a couple of weekends ago, and this is the fourth year we have attended (the event is in it’s 5th year) we have had various family participants in these four years but always myself and husband have attended.  As our older children have gone to university, moved away to London and our niece and son have nearly always been with us but the dogs have always come along as well.

It really is a truly brilliant sight to see 1500 Santas all dressed up along with dogs, pushchairs, young and old family members all turning out to raise much needed money for various charities in our local area (Ashby-De-La-Zouch) the first Sunday in December is certainly a date in our diary and it kicks off our festive activities in the best way possible.

This year the ground was terribly muddy (we even had to lend a had to a fellow Santa who’s daughters pushchair was stuck in the mud!) but the day itself was dry and it’s the first year our niece was old enough to go round under her own steam rather than the push chair.  As we all battled against huge puddles, mud and wet fields not once do wish you had stayed in bed!

As you cross the finish line to the “Christmas songs’ being played you really do have to feel proud that you have been a part of an amazing event and know that much needed money from a very tiny bit of effort on our part will be going to charity.

As you then walk through Ashby-De-La-Zouch town centre it does make you smile to see the towns ‘Christmas market’ on Market street being flooded my hundreds of people dressed as Santa!

On the way back to the car we popped into “sweet memory Lane’  http://www.sweetmemorylane.co.uk  sweet shop for our free sweets, this shop has recently been taken over by new owners and what a brilliant way to impact your new venture by flooding it with a stream of hungry Santas that I hope will come back time and time again to next time purchase something.  Let’s keep small business and shops in small towns open through shopping ‘small and independent’ this is the most important thing to small businesses like mine to keep business owners dreams alive.

The last postage day before we take a break for Christmas is Friday 20th December so if you are looking for a gift for you dogs then please visit our website http://www.charlieandboo.co.uk

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