Christmas is always a really exciting time of the year but Christmas at “Charlie and Boo’ started this year in August, choosing the fabrics for any season for my products is always the very best part of my job.  This year I have twice the amount of fabric designs as I had last year because I really couldn’t narrow my selection down to any less! this year I have seven absolutely wonderful designs that I am really proud of.

I have a selection of collars. leads. bandanas and bow ties perfect for the festive season,  which are designed to complement the non festive products.

Christmas so far has been selling really well which to my business is really important as it will fund the new designs and products for 2020. I have so many ideas in mind for the four seasons next year, so much so that I have some very new products that will be launching in January! I am really looking forward to start making and perfecting some very new ideas that I have had for a really long time but have had to put on hold until the festive season is over.  Making new products alongside choosing fabrics is one of my favourite parts of my job, the second best things is seeing what my lovely customers think of them.

I have had the most wonderful 2019 with the usual business ups and downs but the NEC has to be my most proud moment of my ‘Charlie and Boo’ career, if you would like to read all about it please click the link below.

The NEC – the biggest event of 2019

If you would like to have a look at our Christmas range or any of our mainstream products please click the link below.