Last weekend myself and Willow headed off to the Peak District for some time outside, fresh air and most of all fun!

Now I did decide to just take Willow with me as I know Indie absolutely hates walking up hills! and at the very start of the walk the hill is big! and then a few smaller ones along the route so she was left at home with my eldest daughter and grand-pup Hank, which apparently she spent most of the time we were out curled up asleep on our bed.  At this comment I know I had made the right decision not to take her!

We headed off the Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District with my husband who was heading off on his mountain bike with his friends while we walked. The parking gets full quickly so I would definitely recommend an early park up to make sure you get a spot. The weather wasn’t the best but it wasn’t going to put us off so with waterproofs, hats and gloves on we headed off for the 6 mile circular walk which I have done several times before.

I had asked for Valentines day a portable stove (I know not very traditional but it’s what I wanted!) I absolutely LOVE my coffee and soup whilst out walking (well all the time to be honest) so the stove my husband purchased has a ‘cup feature’ so you can heat up coffee and soup and eat/drink it straight out of the cup to save any mess which is perfect.

We didn’t meet many people on our hike possibly as it was early but also because of the weather, we stopped at the top of one of the climbs for coffee and some water for Willow, then headed back along the reservoir and past the Derwent Dam Waterfall which looked absolutely incredible.

We met my husband back at the car and all three of us had blown away the cob webs, were very muddy and ready to head back home with a smile on our faces.  Sometimes it’s all about making a plan and sticking to it as I could have very easily not gone due to the weather, the early start or all sorts of other things.  But we made a commitment, turned up and had a fantastic time, I hope this blog will encourage you to make plans, make memories with your dog and get out in the fresh air.