As many of you know we have had quite a poorly Boo (the basset hound)  for many weeks now.  It all started with a cloudy eye, which was diagnosed as an ulcer, we thought was getting better then I noticed what I can only explain as a hole appeared on his eye! it was a melting ulcer!

Now the little chap is nearly 10 years old and bless him he really has been an absolute trooper, at some points we were having to put drops in his eye every two hours, now I’m not saying he didn’t wriggle BUT he soon knew it had got to be done and now he just lifts his head while I pop it in with out him even hardly blinking.  He then  had a contact lens fitted at a specialist eye vet (did anyone even know this was a thing?) to protect his eye and help with the healing.

His lens has now been removed and we are very much hoping that his next visit to the vets (on Monday) will be his last.   It’s really hard as many of you know when you have a poorly animal but when they are older I think it really just makes it a little more worrying.  Lets hope that he’ll be signed off from the vet next week and he can just carry on loving his short walks and snoring away most of the day.

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This super image was taken last year by the wonderful Teresa at https://www.dogtasticphotography.com/


Have a great week everyone

Love Claire, Charlie, Boo …………. and Indie too x