Red Toadstool Dog Collar And Lead


This wonderful toadstool dog collar and lead is a stylish, safe and comfortable option for you and your dog to enjoy walks together looking fantastic.



Elevate your dog’s style and comfort with our Navy and Red Toadstool Dog Collar and Lead Set – a perfect match for both boy and girl dogs.

At ‘Charlie and Boo,’ we pour love, care, and meticulous attention to detail into every collar and lead we create. We believe that your furry companion deserves the best, which is why our collars are crafted with robust nylon webbing at their core, enveloped in designer fabric for ultimate comfort. Each collar is double-stitched with high-quality thread, ensuring not only an attractive appearance but also long-lasting durability. Safety is paramount, so we’ve welded the D-ring to guarantee your dog’s security.

For added convenience during walks, we’ve thoughtfully added a D-ring to the handle. This allows you to attach our ‘Charlie and Boo’ poop hoop (available separately) designed to hold your full poo bag, sparing you the hassle. You can also attach your poo bag dispenser to it.

Here are the size options for the collars:

  • Extra Small & Small collars: 1.9cm wide
  • Medium & Large collars: 2.5cm wide

Our leads share the same commitment to quality and comfort. Made from strong nylon webbing encased in 100% cotton designer fabric, they offer a comfortable grip. Double-stitched with high-quality cotton thread, our leads are not only stylish but also incredibly strong. The XS and S collars come with a 1.9cm wide lead, while the M and L collars include a 2.5cm wide lead.

Just like our collars, our leads are also machine-washable. For optimal results, use a mild detergent in a cool wash cycle, and then lay the lead flat to dry.

Our standard lead measures 94cm in length.

Experience the perfect blend of style, strength, and comfort for your furry friend with our Navy and Red Toadstool Dog Collar and Lead Set from ‘Charlie and Boo.’ Make every walk a stylish and safe adventure for your canine companion.

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XS (21.5-28cm), S (27-36cm), M (35-48cm), L (45-66cm)