Blue polka dot dog collar and lead set


This wonderful pale blue polka dot dog collar and lead set is perfect for both boy and girl dogs who love to look amazing whilst out walking.



Elevate Your Dog’s Style with the ‘Charlie and Boo’ ¬†Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar and Lead Set!

Treat your furry friend to this charming collar and lead set that’s perfect for both boy and girl dogs. At ‘Charlie and Boo,’ we take great pride in handcrafting every collar and lead with love, care, and meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to provide your dog with not only a comfortable and attractive accessory but also one that is strong and built to last.

Collars Crafted for Excellence: Our collars are constructed with a strong nylon webbing core, encased in designer fabric to ensure your dog’s comfort. We understand the importance of both durability and aesthetics, which is why we double stitch our collars with high-quality thread. This guarantees that you receive not only a beautifully attractive collar but also one that is strong and durable. Safety is paramount, so we use welded D-rings to secure your dog’s collar.

Lead with Confidence: Our leads are also made from sturdy nylon webbing, encased in 100% cotton designer fabric to provide you with a comfortable grip while walking your dog. Just like our collars, our leads are double stitched with strong, high-quality cotton to ensure both a fashionable appearance and durability.

Our extra small and small collars are 1.9cm wide, while the medium and large collars are 2.5cm wide, ensuring the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Lead the Way in Style: When you purchase an extra small or small collar, you’ll receive a matching 1.9cm wide lead. For medium and large collars, you’ll receive a 2.5cm wide lead.

Easy Care for Active Dogs: We understand that dogs love to have fun and sometimes get dirty. That’s why all ‘Charlie and Boo’ collars and leads are designed to be easy to clean. Simply use mild detergent in a cool wash cycle in your washing machine, and then lay them flat to dry.

Complete the Look: Don’t forget to explore our shop for other accessories to complement your dog’s stylish ensemble.

Elevate your dog’s style and safety with the ‘Charlie and Boo’ Pale Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar and Lead Set. Shop with us today and provide your canine companion with the best in comfort, quality, and fashion!

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