Red Heart Dog Collar Bow Tie


The Perfect Bow Tie Is For Your Best Friend to step out in style.



Introducing Charlie and Boo’s Red Heart Collar Bow Tie – the epitome of sophistication for your beloved canine companion.

At Charlie and Boo, we understand that your dog is not just a pet but a cherished member of your family, deserving of the highest quality and style in their wardrobe.

The Ultimate Accessory:
Our dog collar bow tie is the ultimate accessory, transforming your furry friend into the most stylish pup in town. Carefully designed to add a touch of sophistication to any dog collar, it’s a versatile choice suitable for both boy and girl dogs, ensuring they look their best on every occasion.

Meticulous Craftsmanship:
Every Charlie and Boo product is a result of meticulous design crafted in our Leicestershire studio. Inspired by our daily companions, Indie and Willow, our two Spanish water dogs, each creation is infused with care and attention to detail, ensuring your dog stands out in the crowd.

Secure Attachment:
Attaching our bow tie to your dog’s collar is a breeze, thanks to the high-quality velcro. This not only guarantees a secure fit but also allows for easy removal when needed. No fuss, just instant style for your four-legged friend.

Perfect Fit:
Choose the ideal size for your furry friend’s stylish look.

We offer both small (9cm x 6cm) and medium (11cm x 7cm) options

With Charlie and Boo’s Red Heart Bow Tie, your dog will always be ready for any event, from casual outings to special occasions. Elevate their style and let them shine with sophistication and charm on every occasion.




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