Poop Hoop


This amazing ‘poop hoop’ is designed for a USED poo bag to be attached to your lead or dog walking bag so you don’t have to carry it!

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Are you tired of juggling a full poo bag during your daily walks? The solution to this common dog parent problem is this – the Poop Hoop!

This ingenious product is about to transform your dog walking experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable than ever before.

How does the Poo Hoop work its magic? It’s quite simple! Made from durable silicone with a handy carabiner clip, the Poop Hoop is designed to hold your used poo bag securely until you can find a bin. Here’s how it works

Knot and Thread : After your dog has done their business, tie a knot in the handles of the poo bag.

Insert and Slide : Thread the handles (and the knot) through the centre of the Poop Hoop, the slide it down one of the channels. This secure hold ensures that the bag stays in place until you reach a bin.

Clip and Walk : Attach the carabiner clip to you dogs lead (all our leads have a D ring on the lead handle especially for this and your poo bag holder) or to a dog walking bag.

With the Poop Hoop, you no longer have to carry the unpleasant burden of a full poo bag your entire walk. It’s a small but mighty accessory that simplifies your routine and makes dog ownership even more enjoyable.

Imagine the freedom of walking your dog without the constant reminder of a full poo bag in your hand! which also gives you more control over your dog as you now have one hand free!

The Poop Hoop allows you to focus on the joys of spending time with your four-legged friend, rather than the less glamorous aspects of owning a dog!