I had an idea, one that I thought would just happen as they usually do with a small amount of planning, I then get the product made and ready then promote it.

That’s the way I usually work, and I think I had very much got in my comfort zone, so deciding to have an entirely new range of dog treats I thought it would just be the same! …………… I might have been a little over enthusiastic!

The whole process took so long, so much time and if I’m honest I nearly gave up! (which if you know me it’s something I very rarely do!)

I needed to get various things in place to be able to handle food safely firstly, and when this happens it just takes time, time to get the correct information, time to put everything in place.  I am so proud of myself for actually having the patience to wait it out, get the information I needed and action it all.  If I am going to do something for my business it is just so important to me to make sure its done to the best of my ability and these treats were not going to be any different!

The pick and mix treats are now proudly displayed on the website, with lots of lovely pups now enjoying them, which is the dream for that product.  Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!