Christmas is a really busy period for my business and this year luckily was no exception, but one amazing milestone we managed to hit this December was 100 order being sent out in one day, this is the first time the has happened and although I hope it won’t be the last it really took a lot of hard work and organisation!

We hand make every order from scratch and don’t hold lots of stock although this year I had more stock than pervious years due to the left over stock from ‘The national pet show’ at the NEC.

Every single order has to have a dispatch note printed, the fabric has to be cut and ironed, then it’s sewing, finishing off and then all orders are wrapped in tissue and dispatched.  The day I sent out 100 orders also involved my dad going to the post office three times as he hates taking more than 30 at a time as he holds everyone in line up (and people start to tut behind him!)

My parents help out in my business massively and this day meant the world to them as well, I even purchased a caterpillar cake to help us celebrate!

So we are now in 2020 and I’m taking a few days off to rest, walk the dogs and make the all important plans which are now in the pipeline, which is super exciting and I am really looking forward to launching three very new products in the next couple of months as well as new fabric designs for our staple products.

Thank you each and every one of you who has been following my journey, supporting my small business in any way even if it just by ‘liking’ a post on my social media.  I’m excited to see where by business journey takes me this year and beyond and lets hope I have few more 100 order days in 2020!

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