I thought in this blog I would tell you all what made me start ‘Charlie and Boo’ and just a little more about me!

We have always had dogs in our family living at home with my parents and when I left home I just had to have a dog! My house would never be a home without one…………… or maybe two!

When I left school after being a competitive gymnast  from the age of 5 to 17, I trained as a fitness instructor, I loved my 25 year career and in that time I made some amazing friends and taught so many people who made my job so much easier,  but  getting silly injuries and starting to feel a little old  lead to my retirement.  I was very privileged to be  a mentor for an instructor who is old enough to be your daughter it made me feel was time to move on but also give my body a rest!

I have always loved fabrics, and before I finished teaching I purchased  a sewing machine, mainly to make myself dresses but I soon started making ‘Charlie and Boo’ bandanas and basically it snowballed from that point.  My dogs make me smile and I love them to look dapper, I choose my fabrics very carefully only purchasing ones I love but ones that will offer a super product.

I am incredibly proud of my business and building it up each and every month keeps me busy both creatively but also learning new skills that I never thought I would need to use.

My social media skills have  had to  increase as my business  would not survive without one!  I have to say this is one of the biggest challenges for me, I don’t want to sound really old BUT only boys did computer studies in my day!!!!!!!

I live in a small village in Leicestershire with my husband and three children aged 19, 16 and 8 we are really lucky to live very close to fields which makes even a rainy day walk a lovely experience, family walks at the weekend are a delight and at this time of the year we are often found with a sandwich box in hand whilst ‘pushing’ each other a little higher than you can actually reach into the brambles to ‘scrump’ blackberries!

I have been adding new products to the website over the last couple of weeks so if you have not had a browse in a while pop over and have a look https://www.charlieandboo.co.uk/