I just wanted to write a short blog this week all about one of the things I was really proud to achieve in 2017.  I always thought my products did themselves justice when people saw them at events, and were able to see them in ‘real life’ but when they viewed my etsy shop I was never really pleased with my photography.  It literally started to really bother me  my that my ‘shop window’ online was really not something I was really proud of, It had to be done, I had to have a whole new set of photographs done.  As I work on my own I struggle sometimes to have enough ready made stock done so getting 22 collars, 22 leads, 22 bandanas and 22 bows all made and sent as well as keeping up with the busy Christmas period was something of a challenge.  I found my photographer quite easily as she has photographed myself, Charlie and Boo in the past.  Teresa no longer lives in my area so off the went in the post.  To say when the test images came back that I was thrilled was an understatement, I honestly felt so proud of my products when they were photographed in a wonderfully professional way.

I’m thrilled to have now purchased a further 13 new fabrics which I am working hard to get the samples ready for Teresa to do her magic again!

If you would like to see her work please go to:- https://www.dogtasticphotography.com/

The website https://www.charlieandboo.co.uk/ is working on a 3-5 working day turn around time and very soon lots more super new designs will be added.


Love Claire, Charlie, Boo ………………. and Indie too x