What a week it has been here at “Charlie and Boo’!

This week has been full of bad weather, homeschooling, lots of orders to complete and juggling at least five tasks at once! BUT I say if your busy then you really don’t have time to think to much about other things!

Lockdown number three is into its third week and it seems to have unsettled lots of people more than the first two and I am just detailing what a difference it has made on my life, which obviously in turn makes a difference to my work life.  Back in March I honestly found it much easier for a couple of reasons, my husband was furloughed so he was in charge of homeschooling our 12 year old son.  The weather was fabulous which always makes you feel better.  I am not going to go into the politics of the pandemic BUT what I have found totally unwavering through the whole time we have been living through this time is how important our dogs have been to making life just that little bit easier.

You can NEVER just lie in bed and feels sorry for yourself, you are met with either a wet kiss or those ‘feed me eyes’ that you just know they need to go to the garden and breakfast is required……….. now!

Walks have been in cool sun, wind, rain, and even snow here is Leicestershire, but on thing you NEVER regret is wrapping up warm and getting some fresh air.  Watching your dog/s run around and just to be enjoying life and the brilliant time they are having with you is worth more than gold itself.  They have no clue we are living through one of the most challenging times ever, they only know that they love you, and you love them.  So on reflection we may be living our lives slightly differently BUT making the most of those who share our day to day lives with us will defiantly go a long way to seeing us through to the other side.

Stay safe everyone

Love Claire, Indie and Willow

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