The phone call to say the litter we were expecting had finally been born and the little girl we had hoped for had arrived was just thrilling.

At the time we already had two dogs and after much gentle persuasion to my husband that we really did need another dog so I could pursue a dream to do dog agility he finally gave in!

At four weeks we finally got to meet our little girl and at eight weeks she finally came home, then the fun started!

Charlie and Boo instantly loved her to bits and training began! Puppy classes as she settled in was great (she was a little star) we then moved to ‘Bronze good citizen’ never have i had my patience tested like it! she was perfect at home when we practised and super naughty in class, as we watched our fellow classmates move from bronze to silver to gold and us still in bronze!

Bronze EVENTUALLY passed and moved to silver, the night before our silver award and last practice yet again she was so naughty we decided to withdraw from the test.  By now she finally turned one so we could attend agility classes so we did a quick escape from silver and sprinted towards agility!

Now there is a whole new blog post! (To follow)

Happy 1st Birthday ‘naughty Indie’ as she is known at training.

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