Just before Christmas myself and Willow gained the ‘Puppy foundation certificate’ it’s an official kennel club certificate and rosette and we were super proud to receive it!

It’s part of a once weekly session with our lovely trainer Jill at http://www.harlequin-agility.co.uk   it’s definitely not something you can do just once a week and forget all about it till next week, but what I really love is all the puppies getting used to each other, as you know Willow is part of a ‘pack’ with Indie and Charlie at my house as well as Jaro and Alfie at my parents, it’s important she gets used to being around other dogs as well.  Learning to walk to heel, recall, are just a couple but the one I always dread is ‘staying on a mat for 10 seconds’ to a young puppy and a nervous owner it’s ages! ………………. she did it ………………….. just !!!

Certificate and rosette in hand we raced off home to show all the family, I’m super proud of her and since the end of January we have been attending the next stage of her training on the ‘Bronze good citizen scheme’ but can I just point out she will have to sit for 1 minute, yes ONE WHOLE MINUTE on a mat with me 5 steps away from her WITHOUT MOVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now if my time trying to get Indie to do this has any bearing on Willows training you had better with me all the best of luck!

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