It will very soon be the first anniversary of me moving into my studio, it’s been an absolutely brilliant journey so far and a huge learning curve not only for my business but also for myself personally.  My business has moved from strength to strength with lots of highs and a couple of low points, but that’s all part of owning a business.

The one thing I possibly was not prepared for was not seeing people! I work full time on my own, in a small studio in my parents garden which is just perfect but it’s quite isolating at times, I am so very used to being around people and that is one thing I really do miss.  So it’s really important to make sure I make an effort to get out and see my friends and family.  I have a few other friends who are in the same position as me and it’s important to us all to help and support each other, meeting for coffee, breakfast and just basically giving each other the most important thing ‘seeing people’

We share ideas, help each other out if we can and are a sounding board for each other’s ideas, it makes a huge difference to me to be able to call upon my friends and for them to call on me, it’s empowering to be a business owner, I totally love it but sometimes you have to make sure you do some things on a regular basis that is not business related but helps you stay fresh for you to be able to move your business forward.

One very special friend of mine is Donna she owns a fabric shop in Ashby-de-la-Zouch called ‘Sew me-me’, we have been friends since our children were very young and she is just brilliant at making me laugh, she’s someone who sees things differently to me so is great when I need to see what she thinks of an idea.  She always tells me exactly what she thinks and when we meet up I always leave with a smile on my face.  If you ever need to purchase beautiful fabric, fancy attending a ‘crafty’ workshop our just fancy a browse in an amazing shop pop along to her shop, you will be made to feel very welcome!

Her website is being worked on right now but you can find her on facebook so pop along and say hello.